InnoLED CLEAN SPARK 2L is a high quality LED lighting for clean room applications

InnoLED CLEAN SPARK 2L is a high quality LED lighting for clean room applications


Power 29 W
Luminous flux 3,470 lm
Lighting efficiency 119 lm/W
Warranty 5 years
Expected life-time >50,000 h
Dimensions [mm] 600x600x54
Protection IP66

Product Description

CLEAN SPARK is a luminaries with high degree of protection against dust and water (IP 66) and ultra low glaring index form pharmaceutical and other medical or industrial venues. CLEAN SPARK is equipped with double parabolic optical system designed especially for LED source of light. The optical system is manufactured from highly efficient anodized aluminum in combination with a specialized diffuser, which ensures both efficiency of the light output and high protection against glare (with UGR<17). This optical system has European registration for industrial design. The luminaire is enclosed with tempered glass. CLEAN SPARK can be used in hospitals and operations rooms as it is completely sealed. The LEDs installed do not emit UV and IR light, which makes luminaire applicable for the pharmaceutical and food industries too. These luminaires could be mounted on any ceiling where protection from dust and water is needed.


CLEAN SPARK can be used in hospitals, operation rooms and production sites.



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