400W HP sodium lamp in comparison with InnoLED DUST HIGH BAY 240W

January 12, 2017by Reneta Nedyalkova0

Comparison of purchasing fixtures with sodium lamps and InnoLED DUST HIGH BAY 240 W

Fixture with 400W HP sodium lamp


Power consumption  [W]
Power consumption  [W]

Electricity cost for 1 month to 1 fixture with sodium lamp [BGN]
Electricity cost of one luminaire [BGN]

Cost of sodium lamp, starter and labour for maintenance every 3 years [BGN]
Maintenace cost for a prediod > 15 years [BGN]

Initial cost of purchasing industrial fixture and 400 W sodium lamp [BGN]
Initial investment of purchasing InnoLED DUST HIGH BAY 240 [BGN]

Total expoitation cost of one fixture for 12 months [BGN]
Savings for 12 months with every luminaire DUST HIGH BAY 240W you purchase [BGN]

What choosing InnoLED DUST HIGH BAY 240W actually means?

3.2 years
Pay-back period for the higher investment
BGN 440
Greater investment of purchasing InnoLED DUST HIGH BAY 240W compared to market prices of fixture with sodium lamp

Comparison of operating costs for lighting with HP sodium lamps and InnoLED DUST HIGH BAY 240W

BGN 1140
You save for 10 years by choosing one luminaire InnoLED DUST HIGH BAY 240W
BGN 1600
You save for 15 years by choosing one luminaire InnoLED DUST HIGH BAY 240W

[1] Consumption of a fixture and a 400W sodium lamp. The nominal consumption of the lamp is 400W, and the consumption of starter is about 50W. Equivalent of fixture with sodium lamp of 400W is InnoLED DUST HIGH BAY 240W as they have the abilities to produce the same amount of light. All InnoLED luminaires emit light with amount, which is indicated as a value in the technical characteristics. In the combination of fixture and lamp, the actual luminous flux is about 60% of that generated by the luminaire.

Source: http://www.unep.org/climatechange/Portals/5/documents/RoapFocalPoints/010%20Lighting.pdf

[2] To calculate the value obtained was used price for 1 kWh – BGN 0.22 (Cost for non-household customers with annual consumption of up to 20 thousand. KWh. – Smaller users without VAT. Source: NSI). Calculations are made under the following assumptions: the site works 21 days a month, and time for using light is 12 hours per day. For larger customers it can be expected that the light work more hours, but electricity will be at a lower price, which would not change significantly during the expected payback.

[3] The sodium lamp with an output of 400W can be purchased for about BGN 40, BGN 20 is the estimated value of starter chokes and labor for maintenance.

[4] InnoLED luminaires combine fixture and light sources, which are permanently linked. It is our obligation when we sell luminaires to announce their total consumption in the specifications of the product. In practice, this means that the energy consumed by luminaires of InnoLED equals the nominal power indicated in the technical characteristics and the label.

[5] The maximum value is calculated in compliance with previous comments ([2] and [4]).

[6] This price includes the purchase and delivery of 1pc. InnoLED DUST HIGH BAY 240W.

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