4х18W luminescent tubes vs. InnoLED DESK SUN 1L

January 11, 2017by Reneta Nedyalkova0

Is it efficient to use of standard luminescenet lighting in offices and shops?

Luminescent fixture with tubes T8 4x18W


Power consumption  [W]
Power consumption  [W]

Electricity cost for 1 month per each fixture [BGN]
Electricity cost for 1 month per each fixture [BGN]

Tubes and starter replacement cost for 1 year [BGN]
One-time investment for purchase of InnoLED DESK SUN 1L [BGN]

Total cost of expoitation of one fixture for 12 months [BGN]
Total cost of electricity consumed by 1 luminaire InnoLED DESK SUN 1L for 12 months [BGN]

Annual savings with InnoLED DESK SUN 1L

BGN 60

Savings for 12 months with each standard luminescent lighting fixture replaced by InnoLED DESK SUN 1L

Comparison of operating costs for standard luminescent lighting with light sources T8 4x18W and InnoLED DESK SUN 1L

[1] Consumption of a fixture and T8 4x18W luminescent light sources. The nominal consumption of tubes is 72W, and the consumption of the starter in that case is about 30W. Our measurements show consumption of luminaires with starter and tubes Philips’ between 96 and 109W, for simplicity of the calculations take “average” value of 100W.

Other sources:



[2] To calculate the value obtained we used price 1kWh of BGN 0.22 without VAT.  (Cost for non-household customers with annual consumption of up to 20k kWh. (smaller consumers); Source: NSI). We also have made the following assumptions: the site is open 7 days a week, 360 days/pear, and time of usage of lighting is 10 or 12 hours per day.

[3] Low-cost solutions have life about one year, the price of a tube is just over 1lv. excl. VAT, the same is the price of the starter. Quality solutions are 2-3 times more expensive, but their lives are again 2-3 times longer, which again leads to the same cost on an annual basis. In the cost it is not calculated included the labor, transportation and other costs.

[4] InnoLED luminaires combine fixture and light sources, which are permanently mounted. We are obliged to denote the overall consumption in the specifications of our product. In practice, this means that the energy consumed by luminaires of InnoLED equals the nominal power indicated in the technical specifications and the label.

[5] The maximum value is calculated in compliance with previous comments ([2] and [4]) and covers 12 hours of luminaire work per day.

[6] That price includes the purchase and delivery of 1pc. InnoLED DESK SUN 1L. There are additional costs for the dismantling of fluorescent fixtures, disposing the tubes at suitable place as they contain mercury and installation costs of InnoLED lighting.

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