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InnoLED provides a range of services to make it much easier fro you to have high quality lighting.

Site visits

Undoubtedly the best way to get to know the pains and needs of our customers is making site visits. Our product is light in our customers’ venues, not just luminaires. That is reason we organize visits or at least well-structured detailed communication with our customers to identify their exact needs, so that we can suggest them the most appropriate lighting solution for them.
During the site visits InnoLED representatives will measure the dimensions of the venues and will take into account all specific parameters related to the lighting such as:
– mounting height;
– working places layout;
– dust and moisture protection requirements;
– material requirements;
– aisle positions;
– needs of high level of color rendering index and etc;

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Lighting simulations

InnoLED offers to its customers free of charge service of simulations about the needed lighting for their premises. These simulations are needed in order the most appropriate type of luminaires to be chosen according to the legal and corporate requirements.
Lighting simulations will:
– Make certain the new LED lighting meets the targeted lighting levels
– Prevent over-lighting spaces
– Prevent dark spaces
– Optimize the optical configuration with regard to the mounting height

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Financial Modelling

Our team will help you with the financial justification of the investment in LED lighting. We cannot be sure that switching to LED lighting will always have quick pay-offs as long as we can hardly decrease consumption of normally switched off lights.
However, we will be very transparent and realistic about the savings, from which you can benefit if you choose our lighting solutions.
We will also try to evaluate other intangible benefits, such as improved object perception, lack of flickering and color rendering. Even not direct, those benefits could have significant impact on your business. Such as increased sales for retailers, increased early defect identification for industrial premises and etc.

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