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InnoLED is a Bulgarian supplier of high quality LED lighting solutions. We offer your customers enhanced customer service and supply of LED luminaires manufactured in Bulgaria or other countries, members of the European Union. InnoLED also develops advanced lighting control solutions.

High quality LED luminaires

InnoLED is a supplier of LED luminaires with high end components (Philips, Osram, Tridonic and Cree), carefully engineered and manufactures in highly automated production lines.

Lighting related services

InnoLED offers a wide portfolio of services related to lighting such as: consultations, lighting simulations, installation and etc.

Advanced control sysmtes

InnoLED offers innovative lighting control systems, based on IoT technologies.

Product customization

As all luminaires of InnoLED are made to order, we can offer significant opportunities for customization according to your preferences.

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InnoLED LED luminaires

The performance and long life of LED luminaires depends a few highly significant factors:

  • Luminaire design which allows operation in the desired temperature range and maximization of the light harvest of the diodes
  • Strict manufacturing process with constant quality control
  • High quality of incorporated components

Luminaires design

All InnoLED luminaires are designed by professional with more than 20 years experience in lighting manufacturing. The designs of our luminaires are based on the solid condition for strict temperature control and achievement of high lighting harvest. Some of the fixtures are equipped with double parabolic reflector, which possesses registered Utility model for the EU. The greatest benefit of that reflector is the ultra low glare index and the ability to focus the light distribution pattern.


InnoLED’s luminaires are manufactured on highly automated production lines, which allows us to offer great quality on reasonable cost. Our production facility was subjected to audits by our suppliers as a result they were convinced that we are mounting their components entirely according to their specification. As a result they provide their components with 5 years warranty, which we are rather happy to offer to you as well. Additionally, in order to provide long exploitation time and constant quality, our products are tested on each production step.

Our industrial solutions can be delivered with backup power supply incorporated in the fixture in order to minimize the chance of something to break.

High quality components only

InnoLED luminaires

The LED chips are the most important element in each LED fixture. That is why we use only high-end well-known chips such as CREE, Tridonic, Osram and Philips. Implementation of high quality LED components leads to numerous advantages for our customers:

  • Predictable life-time – each component behaves according to the specifications provided by the manufacturer and comes with the according guarantee. That is why we can also assure you that the fixtures which we offer would meet the expected life-time.
  • Constant color temperature – we can guarantee that all the fixtures would keep their color temperature, which means that you will never be in the situation to see your ceiling embedded with light sources that emit light with random color temperature.
  • Long life-time – with superior thermal control, high quality chips achieve significantly longer life.

Control Systems

InnoLED’s advanced technology offers significant break-troughs in the field of efficiency and responsive lighting. We provide digital control systems, which could be incorporated in each ficture or external for a group of luminaires. Our InnoLED Smart control systems offer you the following features:

Constant lighting output

Light emitting diodes are known for their long life. However, their lighting efficiency deteriorates over time. As a result most of the LED lighting manufacturers have to boost initially the lighting output by using LED drivers with higher power output, than it is actually needed to reach the rated lighting output. This initial boost guarantees that at the end of the warranty period the total output of the fixtures will be above the rated levels. There is a significant price for this that is paid by the end-customers. On the one hand there is excessively brighter light, when fixtures are in the beginning of their life-cycle, which is unpleasant for the eyesight. On the other hand this means 15-30% increase in the consumption of electric energy for the whole product lifecycle. InnoLED offers a solution to this problem by programming the control devices in a way that they increase their output power in a manner that would balance the deterioration of the light efficiency of the diodes that you use.

Daylight harvesting

There are various technologies for dimming that responds to presence of daylight. We offer easy to incorporate sensing technology, which is connected directly to the InnoLED control devices. With advanced self-calibrating algorithm our daylight harvesting system works smoothly and accurately. There is no reason to deprive your customers of additional energy savings in the range of 30%, which can be achieved on a cost efficient manner with InnoLED.

Presence sensing

How often do you switch off the lights in your office, when you go out for a while? Most of the people even cannot do it, because there are other people in the office. What if each fixture to switch itself off, when the space beneath is unoccupied, or at least to dim significantly. There is no need of adding additional sensors any more. InnoLED offers highly reliable technology, which you can easily build in your fixtures and save about 40% of the money that your customers would spend on paying for electricity for lighting, which nobody uses.

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InnoLED is a reliable supplier of high quality LED lighting.
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